Perdition's Mouth: Revised Edition 2023 English Reprint - E.U. package.


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Perdition’s Mouth: Revised Edition in English, including all stretch goals (MSRP €179).

Special Kickstarter repackaged version available for EU. Includes:

  • Contents:

    • 8 Unique Heroes, including the Aisha the Witch expansion: with their own miniature, two shield markers, hero sheet and deck of ability cards
    • 37 Enemy Miniatures: insects, nests, half-human and half-insectoid, cultists, and the demon of Abyssal Rift


    • Two tactical rondels
    • Five double-sided map boards with 10 highly detailed maps,
    • 200+ cards, including hero abilities, wounds, victims, treasures, and the ever-changing response cards
    • 60+ tokens for treasures, doors, portcullis, wounds, fatigue, terrain, spawn pools, and many others.
    • The rulebook and 32 scenario sheets

    Extras for this campaign:

    • Victim #1 “Man on the Wheel” miniature
    • DDP Promo Deck 2022 (including new cards for Perdition’s Mouth and Factory 42)
    • Aisha the Witch (as the 8th Hero)

 Limited to 60 copies! Available in June 2023.