The Missing Mining Cart by Ren Multamäki (English version)


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A Factory 42 novelette by Ren Multamäki.

The setting in this novelette takes place in the world of Perdition's Mouth in the city of Odrixia, where also Factory 42 resides. Bureaucracy is society and society is bureaucracy. Denunciation, a sense of duty, and a belief in a functioning "whole" are cornerstones of the government apparatus. Beer is the only cement that makes this moral abyss bearable. How far does an individual go in such a state complex when faced with conspiracy, betrayal, and intrigue? Is death the worst thing in such a world?

The Missing Mining Cart is a production of Dragon Dawn, written by Ren Multamäki, edited by Tony Cotterill, and with original art by Lars Munck.