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Winter is fast approaching and so is the time for wearing hats… but no hats are like those worn by those who morally pit their wits against the Cyber security of digital systems and sensitive data. White Hat is a challenging hacker-based board game, drawing upon an exciting adaptation of the trick-taking mechanic for the right to progress through cyberspace. As they attempt to prove their worth as a hacker, players compete against each other as they negotiate their personal “hat” through the cyber world of FBI servers, internet cafes, and digital tracers on their way to the game objective, the Critical Asset.

White Hat is a trick-taking game with a neat twist: when winning a trick, you advance one of your pawns to a new space through the arrows on the game board, jumping over any spaces that are already occupied. Some spaces allow you to perform an action, while each space is marked with a scoring value, and at the end of each round players add up the values of the spaces with their pawn to their score. Unlike in most other trick-taking games, sometimes it’s better to avoid winning a trick if it would make your pawn advance to high-value space, as at the end of the game, the player who collected the least amount of points will win the game.

White Hat is a refreshed version of our earlier ‘Black Hat’ game, intended for 1-6 players. White Hat offers a dedicated solo variant that not only draws upon much of the multiplayer game but also pits the player against the game itself. This is a serious head-scratching puzzle solver, as all hats are in play and the soloist has full responsibility for their progress. White Hat brings all the Kickstarter extras and player feedback of Black Hat in a smaller format for easy portability.

White Hat gaming components are language-independent. The rulebook is available in English and German, with respective PDF in the Downloads section of our website. We intend to make only one variant of the game, so every box of White Hat will get all the stretch goals and goodies unlocked. 

A dual-sided gameboard, along with alternate location tiles, means there is a vast variety of potential setups, keeping the game fresh and keeping the players on their toes. White Hat is well tested - you'll find several full 'how-to' videos, and finalized rulebook (see links above) to allow you to learn the game in full. There is also a free Tabletopia version available in a moment.

AVAILABLE in EU and the USA now!