4th Dimension (CD)


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Neljäs ulottuvuus (The Fourth Dimension) is a poetry and music performance based on the poem Lapsuuden hämärästä (From the Darkness of Childhood) by the Finnish poet Eeva-Liisa Manner. Manner continually edited her works, and Lapsuuden Hämärästä has been published in several different versions between 1956 and 1964 in the editions of her poetry collection Tämä Matka (This Journey), as well as in her anthology Runoja 1956-1977. The original poem is 22 pages long, while the radically edited and shortened version published in 1980 in the anthology is just 13 pages. The text of Neljäs ulottuvuus is a combination of these different versions of the poem.


1. Neljäs ulottuvuus (The Fourth Dimension)​ 67:44

Recitation Louhistiina, composition and soundscape George Bandoek Apostolakis, text Eeva-Liisa Manner


Louhistiina aka Tiinaliisa Multamäki

Tiinaliisa Multamäki is a poetry reciter from Sodankylä, Finland. She enjoys classical Finnish poems and folk poetry. She finds Manner’s visual and multidimensional storytelling logical and easy to comprehend. “The journey to Lapsuuden Hämärästä was long and occasionally challenging. In addition to Manner’s childhood I also pondered the time when the collection Tämä Matka was put together, as well as all those years when she made changes to her texts. During this process, I read correspondence as well as literary criticism by Manner to get a deeper understanding of the way she used words, her most significant expressions and, above all, the way she observed life.’’

George Bandoek Apostolakis

A musician and music teacher born in Thessaloniki, Greece. George has enjoyed a long career in music in Greece as well as in Finland. He has composed music for theatre, dance performances and documentary films. He lives in Lapland, where nature and unexplored, hidden places are an endless source of inspiration for him. He believes that every single sound can create an infinite array of possibilities. His strength is the ability to create impressive soundscapes using a variety of instruments, a strong sense of melody and an understanding of dramatic buildup. Poetry recitation creates through the rhythm of speech and the sound of individual worlds a different set of inspiration for him.