A Guide to the World of Zanziar (PDF)


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Not everybody knows this, but the events of Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift take place in the world of Zanziar. This ravaged and war-torn land has existed in the imaginations of designer Timo Multamäki and other people for far longer than Perdition’s Mouth or even Timo’s first published board game. Zanziar was, and still is, the setting for his long-time roleplaying game group’s misadventures and over the years it has been used also by other game masters. Needless to say, by this date Zanziar has been populated by colorful characters, it has been shaken by world-changing events, and history has been born.

If you’re interested to delve deeper into this world and learn more of e.g. the background of the nefarious Cult of Change, nature magic, or the One True God Simma preaches about, this is book is for you.


  • 74 pages
  • Preamble by Markku Hannula
  • 4 short stories written by Elge Larsson, Joonas Konstig, Martin Threlfall, and Timo Multamäki
  • Art by Jamie Noble, Matthias Cattrein, and Ralf Schemmann
  • Background information of the nations and societies of Zanziar, magic, religion, and a selection of notable item and artefacts you may encounter in Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift