Perdition's Mouth: Aisha the Witch expansion


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Aisha is a very specific and unique Hero addition to your games of Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift and Perdition’s Mouth: Revised Edition. She is a medium-range magic user with a wide variety of spells, benefitting both herself and supporting the whole party.

For quite some time now, our fans have been asking for Aisha to be made available again -- or to reprint Witch’s Grotto, and we do listen to our fans. After careful consideration, we conclude that the best we can provide is an Aisha reproduction in English and a new version in German. The English version will use decks of the original print run. The cards are already printed so they will be exactly the same in cardstock and colour. The German cards will be printed in Europe and we will try our best to match the current cardstock and colours, but inevitably some minute differences may occur. Since all hero decks are handled separately this will not affect gameplay in any way.

Please be aware that the Aisha miniature requires a minimal amount of superglue as she is provided in two parts: The miniature and the base. Use only cyanoacrylate based superglue - any plastic glues will melt/destroy the miniature as she is made of composite resin. Composite resin provides the best details with almost the same durability as PVC.