DDP Promo Deck 2022


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The 2022 DDP Promo deck is a treasure trove for anyone who likes Factory 42 or the Perdition's Mouth. We decided to create an interesting combo of new cards. Each deck consists of 31 cards. 15 in English, 15 in German, and the top card.

For Factory 42:
  • 2 new Elven Embassy cards
  • 5 new Events, the five designed by our guest designers which didn't get added directly to every box
  • 3 new Inventor's Guild cards

And for Perdition's Mouth:
  • 1 new Hero card for Aisha the Witch
  • 1 new Hero card for Tyra the Berserker
  • 1 new Treasure card
  • 2 new Wound cards

All of the new cards are designed to add intriguing new strategies and even more replay value. You can use the Perdition's Mouth cards with the Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift or Revised Edition and with all existing and upcoming content.