Factory 42 - Specialists & Golems


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Factory 42 is a highly-acclaimed medium-weight theme-rich worker-placement game. It is well-tested over two print runs and has been found to need very little change, making it a stable platform on which to build. Over the years, our design team has been testing potential additions to the game and now the new “Specialists and Golems” Expansion will introduce five new elements:

Specialists - In a community where everyone is equal, the Specialists are just a bit more equal. Due to their extraordinary skills, they don’t have to wait in line, nor are they subject to the arbitrary rulings of the Commissariat. They are the crème de la crème of all the workers of Odrixia.

Golems - These massive metal golems, which locals call Cargadors, operate tirelessly to serve and improve the community. They are excellent at any work to which they’re assigned but cannot deviate from a given task without supervision. Every Odrixian citizen is proud of their Golems which is widely acknowledged as the best that technology can offer.

Patriot Box - Every good citizen knows that informing the Commissariat of illegal activity is encouraged and such diligence is rewarded with food.

Calendar Clerk - What the clerk gives the clerk can take away. The Calendar Clerk meddles with the Event cards.

And the sixth player, complete with meeples (in stylish silver) and all required components. A sixth player makes the competition even tenser and forces players to think of alternative ways to achieve their goals since some locations will now be full quite early in the placement phase.