Factory 42 - Upgrade kit


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All cards and playmats reprinted with the new, easier-to-read, symbols. We will include also new content unlocked in this campaign to the upgrade pledges. Please note that the upgrade kit is not a boxed product.
Upgrade kits are always in English only.

  • All cards of Factory 42
  • All Stretch goals unlocking new content. If we reach Black Market, it will mean the entire third punch sheet containing the black market tile and at least one replacement cart, which some have requested. Note that we can not include material upgrades, such as thicker cardboard as that would mean shipping all punchboards and that, essentially would mean shipping the whole game a new.
  • All player boards (5)

As before, in earlier products of ours, we are trying our best to serve existing customers with a cost-effective path to upgrade to the latest materials should they wish to do so. This Upgrade Kit is strictly a 'customer service' product that just covers the associated costs - it will not be available via Retail, Distribution and will be available in very limited quantity after the Gamefound project ends.

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For the owners of the first edition Factory 42: The game you bought is absolutely OK and gameplay-wise identical to the new version, however, we updated cards based on your feedback to make symbols easier to distinguish. You do not need to buy the upgrade if you would like to enjoy your game, but if you would like to have the new version cards, this upgrade is a way how to get it.